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Welcome to Boop!

My name is Jimmy Porich, and you can contact me if you need web design or development, graphic design, brand development, SEO, logos, and other online services. Over the years I have worked with many various clients across many sectors both large and small, and I'd love to make your next website to add below to my portfolio!

Get in touch and let's have a chat about your next project!

- Jimmy Porich


V Energy

V Energy Movement website

V Energy Movement is a platform delivering a variety of music related content. Current events, music tours, new releases, remixes, dj sets, and many other great sources have been collceted and put on display here to show V has it's finger on the pulse of current music trends. I was hired early in the project life cycle and worked to bring a prototype website live which would serve as a platform for this V Energy Drink campaign.

In collaboration with the marketing team we implemented a solution that made use of Social Media, inbuilt music streaming of curated music and DJ sets, updated event information, and other methods to deliver a very successful campaign implementation, which has been picked up by V Energy drinks. The project has now undergone yet another redesign in order to make better use of V's growing range of content which now includes artist interviews, news articles and further content dissemination.

  • Front End Web Development
  • Back End Development and maintenance
  • Server Implementation
  • Wordpress
  • Social Media
  • Music Media

Canberra Organisers

Canberra Organisers website

Canberra Organisers is a Canberra based small business that operates a service to help people organise. The site was made to highlight service as well as brand presence, operating in a niche market, it was important to convey the range of services available such as home office organization, pre and post house move organisation, setting up workflows for small businesses, among many other services.

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Front End Web Development
  • Server Implementation
  • Print design
  • Fully customized lightweight website

Painter's Palette

Painters' Palette

Painter's Palette is a ACT based business that hired me to make a simple and functional website to showcase their services. This is just one example of a very simple and standard page made for a typical small business.

  • Website Design
  • Front End Web Development
  • Lightweight custom code
  • Design and page styling

GradReady GAMSAT

Grad Ready

GradReady's GAMSAT course assists students in studying for the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test. They are able to do this using a variety of education techniques as well as as highly developed technologies which students can use online 24/7 to help them identify weak areas in their current knowledge set on which to improve upon. This redesign in particular was made to evoke to users a strong sense of GradReady's technological advantage as they visit the page, instantly enticing them to read on further and see GradReady's advantage over their competitors.

  • Website Design
  • Brand analysis and consolidation

Blockbuster Videos Australia

Blockbuster Videos Facebook

This particular project for Blockbuster Videos Australia involved helping to implement their latest social media promotion with content provided. This particular project required some extra coding in order to correctly target and display information to the relevant groups using a dynamic call to action in Facebook, all implemented on a live asset.

  • Facebook Markup Language (FBML)
  • Social Media
  • Operating on live content
  • Digital design